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Jonathan Frost Gallery and Frame Shop

Jonathan Frost, proprietor and master framer

The Jonathan Frost Gallery and Frame Shop was established in May of 2007 with two main purposes: to bring varied, interesting, emotionally engaging, well-executed art to viewers in mid-coast Maine and to provide mid-coast residents and visitors with top-quality framing services.

We’ve Moved!  The Gallery and Frame shop is just around the corner from our old location.  We are getting ready for our new 2014 season of shows with new and continuing artists.  The frame shop is open for your business so please stop by with your latest framing needs.   Thank you for your past, present, and continuing support.

Current Show:

“Conversations in Collage:  Abbie Read and Ieva Tatarsky.”

Opening May 1, 2015

The reception will be from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.; Steve Lindsay will play jazz piano.

FrostGallery-May-2015Abbie Read majored in studio art and art history at Oberlin College and received her MFA from the University of Michigan School of Art.  She has shown in many Maine galleries and institutions including the Portland Museum of Art, the Maine Center for Contemporary Art, the University of Southern Maine, Waterfall Arts, and Aarhus Gallery.  In 2014 she was one of eight artists to show at the U.S. ambassador’s residence in Doha, Qatar.  Her early background was in printmaking, painting and drawing. “But at some point early on,” she says, “I realized that I was less interested in making images than in the hands-on process of constructing something out of raw materials.  At the bottom of it all is always the question, ‘What if I do this. . . ?’”

Ieva Tatarsky was born in Riga, Latvia, in 1940, shortly before the country was invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany.  At age ten she emigrated with her family to the United States.  She graduated from New York City’s High School of Music and Art and from the Cooper Union School of Art.  She also took courses at New York University and Pratt.  She was a founding partner of the Downtown Gallery in Washington, Maine, and has shown in many Maine galleries, as well as at the State House, the Blaine House, and Bowdoin College.  Several of Tatarsky’s collages make use of scraps of densely beaded fabric from old purses; almost all of her materials have seen prior use.  While the elements are old, the combinations are fresh.  Some of her pieces look like three-dimensional aerial views of whimsical landscapes.  One of her series is aptly called “Fairytales from Another World.”


The “Conversations in Collage” show will be up through June 2.  Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9 to 5.  The telephone number is (207)596-0800.

We’re now at the corner of Main Street and Park Drive in
Rockland, next to the Park Street Grille.

279 Main St, Rockland Maine 04841
Just south from The Farnsworth Art Museum

Phone: 207-596-0800

Hours: Monday – Saturday 9 – 5

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