Kathryn Frund

Kathryn Frund, who lives in Connecticut, creates poetic and inscrutable images in mixed media that exert a powerful sense of recognition in the viewer.

The critic Ken Shulman has written of Frund’s work,

“Kathryn Frund’s compositions…are landscapes of the mind – vast visions of barren desert, slate seas, and familiar but unidentifiable objects and places that read like hazy memories.”  

Frund, who exhibits nationally, writes,

“The paintings are explorations of the constantly evolving relationship between men and a sustainable environment. Conscious of a fragile, damaged landscape, I am drawn to healing the severed and broken parts, beyond my awareness…The work evolves by attaching, embedding and applying layers of paint, fluid lines of color, found objects and metal fragments onto the panel’s surface. It is through the movement of paint, and the reconfiguration of objects and materials, that the work begins to heal, bridge and redefine itself. The work becomes a spiritual, as well as material, exploration into the intimate nature of our presence in the landscape.”